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per month
50 pop3 email accounts
500 MB space
2 Gigabytes file transfer
per month
100 pop3 email accounts
5 GB space
10 Gigabytes file transfer
per month
250 pop3 email accounts
20 GB space
50 Gigabytes file transfer
Reseller Accounts
Up to 50 GB storage and 200 GB per month transfer. Register up to 100 domain names! Click Here to visit Reseller Services.
Partner Sites Specialists - Dialup and High Speed Internet Services.
KC Micro Specialists - New, Used, and Refurbished Notebooks, PCs, and Equipment.
Secure Data Safe - Remote Offsite Backup Services.
Mel Kientz, Editor
“ KC Webhosting's Premium web hosting was all I needed to get my organization online. I had access to everything I wanted from within cPanel! Their custom website design and programming services are top of the line!"
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